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Applications are now being accepted!

Please find attached the Zero Robotics Program Overview and Application for Participation. The Competition culminates with a live, interactive session of the students' accomplishments being uploaded, critiqued and judged by the Astronauts on the International Space Station. Though both documents provide the particulars, please note the following specifics before submitting the application and committing to participation:

  • The program is designed for Middle School students.
  • It is a five (5) weekcommitment - June 12 through July 21, 2017.
  • Principal/Superintendent approval and support is essential.
  • Lead Teacher Training will be centrally located on May 20, 2017. (Exact location TBD shortly after submission of applications.....details to follow.) The training for lead personnel is mandatory, and not optional.
  • Participation in two (2) field days to the Marshall Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville or Fort Rucker (The first, during the second week of competition [June 19-23] - The second, during week of August 10th-18thfor the final International Space Station Competition) are not optional. Transportation must be provided - thus, the need for school or CBO leadership support and approval.

Though the commitment is necessary and significant, the reward from student learning and engagement is absolutely phenomenal. Please do not miss this tremendous opportunity for your programs and students!


Please submit your application by Monday, April 10.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Contact State ZR coordinator, Shannon Bales, at 

Zero Robotics 2017 Application

  • Organization Information

  • Contact Information

  • Community Information

    Please indicate the percentage of students in your program in the following priority areas. If possible, please also indicate percentages for Zero Robotics Program Participants.
  • Narrative

    Please respond to the following questions briefly and concisely.
  • ♣ Does your organization currently offer a STEM course and/or curriculum? Yes/No ♣ If yes, please describe your STEM offerings, any online or printed STEM curricula you have used (i.e. NASA K-12 online curriculum, FIRST, EiE/EA), and explain how the Zero Robotics Project will complement your summer learning program. ♣ If no, please explain how and why you would like to add a STEM component to your summer program through Zero Robotics.
  • Who will be your Project Director/Zero Robotics Curriculum Coordinator? Why was this person selected to lead the project? Please list their credentials. Indicate here if you intend to engage any other staff or volunteers to be part of this project. If so, how will they participate?
  • Required Committment

    Please confirm that your program agrees to project commitments by checking the boxes below and signing.
  • Type your name to confirm that you agree to the Zero Robotics Commitment

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